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The following chapters provide an overview of how LINQ to SQL can be used to perform common database-related tasks.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with Language-Integrated Query and the standard query operators. Any language built to provide Language-Integrated Query can use it to enable access to information stored in relational databases.

I have looked at UPDATEXT, the trouble is the ip address does not appear in the same place within each row. To do this, we need only apply a custom attribute to the top of the class declaration.LINQ to SQL defines the Table attribute for this purpose.NET Change Conflict Resolution Stored Procedures Invocation The Entity Class Generator Tool Generator Tool DBML Reference Multi-tier Entities External Mapping NET Framework Function Support and Notes Debugging Support Most programs written today manipulate data in one way or another and often this data is stored in a relational database.Yet there is a huge divide between modern programming languages and databases in how they represent and manipulate information.

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